To achieve a bright white smile, why not consider teeth whitening? Here at the clinic, we offer a safe and effective way of whitening your teeth.

Teeth whitening is the process of bleaching the teeth to make them lighter, and it is possible to lighten them by several shades. The dentist will first carry out an initial consultation, assessing your teeth structures and suitability for whitening. They will then take a set of dental impressions to be sent to the laboratory. The dental technician will construct a set of custom-made, soft clear rubber trays for you to wear at home.

You will then be given instructions on how to apply your whitening solution to the trays regularly over a period of ten days to two weeks. This enables you to gradually whiten your teeth to your desired shade whilst avoiding the long-term sensitivity that can occur with alternative methods such as laser whitening.

Our whitening solution is prescription strength and can be worn for a period of 4-6 hours or even overnight. Once you have completed your course of whitening, you may purchase additional syringes of solution from us, and top up your whitening every 6-9 months for a couple of hours to bring them back to your desired shade.